Before and After

As seen on “Good Day Atlanta”

I can’t think of one thing I’d change.  Everything was perfect!


She directed me very specifically and the results blew me away!


When I saw my pictures I looked and felt like a princess–I felt beautiful.


Why choose me?

As a photographer, I understand the value of professional images, whether it's capturing and preserving memories or creating business portraits that help you achieve your goals. With attention to every detail, you'll get the best pictures of yourself you've ever had.
As an aunt, I understand how fast time goes by. Time is so precious, and photographs are tangible elements of the legacy you give to your loved ones. You need to exist in photos for them.
As a friend, and a sister in life with women of a certain age, I've watched friends face serious illness. And lost several to breast cancer. Life can be uncertain.....women deserve to have each stage of life celebrated and documented.
As a woman, I understand the nerves and insecurities that come with getting in front of a camera. I understand the boost that can come from having a photo of yourself that you love. You deserve to be photographed with respect and love.

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Instagram did not return a 200.