Contemporary Beauty Portrait Headshot – Alison {Sneak Peak}

This was one of those photo sessions that was so fantastic, so gratifying, that I felt jazzed the rest of the day and had to burn off some energy just to be able to go to sleep!! My friend and talented consultant Jodi of The Professionista set up a shoot with two of her accomplished and lovely clients. Having not met these ladies before the shoot I had no idea what to expect. Well, Alison walked in the door prior to anyone else arriving and within minutes we were chatting like long time friends and discovering multiple shared passions. As the President and CEO of Aging Beautifully Today she immediately clicked with the passion I have for celebrating and photographing mature women who have so much inner beauty and maturity, as it is very much aligned with her company’s mission. Much, much more on both The Professionista and Alison, but for now he’s a sneak peak from Alison’s session. Hair and makeup by Yuliya Niko Artistry.


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