Sweet 16 Portraits – Atlanta Beauty Photographer

The day I received a call from Melody is a very clear memory. At the time it was blazingly hot, mid July in Georgia, and I was on location photographing the summer camp adventures for Camp Acheaway for the Arthritis Foundation. The phone buzzed while I was uploading pictures in the camp office so I picked up and had a great chat with this fantastic woman about capturing some special photos of her sixteen year old daughter. Having not done a Sweet 16 before I was thrilled with the opportunity to use the soft, feminine style of Portrait Couture on a budding young lady.

Once I was back in town we had an in person consultation to discuss ideas and plan wardrobe, hair and makeup. Kaia is an athlete so we definitely wanted to show that side of her, while mom Melody wanted some classic, timeless portraits. Of course, in a story old as time, ideas about style between mother and daughter did not entirely sync up. Kaia loves the spunky, tomboy style of Janelle Monae (tux, bouffant, red lip) and Melody loved the vintage dresses and voluminous ballgown skirts in the Glamour Closet at the studio. In the end we found a balance between track shoes, golf clubs, sassy streamlined jackets, and a few pretty dresses.

Without question this was on of THE most fun shoots ever. We went to the park for some outdoor shots, then spent the majority of the time in the studio. Scoobie West did a beautiful job on Kaia’s soft, pretty makeup, giving her some education in the process since she’d never worn cosmetics before. I even talked Melody into a few shots, so Kaia would have a beautiful portrait of her Mom and one of her and mom together. When they came in to view the portraits it was truly hard to narrow them down! Luckily they were able to come to a consensus and choose their favorites for a collection of portraits and a matted, framed collage.

Now that Kaia and Melody have received their beautiful leather folio box and wall art I can share their gorgeous portraits. Here are a few favorites!


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