The Glamour Closet for Portrait Couture Sessions {Atlanta Glamour Photographer}

To get the most from your Portrait couture session, planning is key. Each lady has her own unique style, her own taste and definition of what is beautiful, and a personal path to looking and feeling beautiful. The more you put into your session, the more likely you are to be thrilled with the results. We strongly encourage you to shop for special pieces as well as well as going through your closet. There are also great options available to rent a stunning piece for your session: companies like Rent the Runway offer couture gowns that can be FedExed to your home and then returned the same way, making it easy to have your own red carpet moment.

In addition to the wardrobe you bring to your session there are some pieces on hand at the studio to augment your selections. These pieces have been selected for beauty and flattery as well as flexibility: many will accomodate a range of sizes. There are also a selection of flowers and scarves available to accent the hair, wrap around shoulders or decolletage, or pin to waistbands.

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